The present invention corners that of a new and improved health apparatus be an Oxygen Inhaler that would work in a manner analogous to that of a breath spray and an asthma inhaler. The prevent invention could be used for both health reasons and recreational use.
A human being can survive without food for a month, without water for some days but without “OXYGEN” only for few minutes.
Oxygen content in the air is 21% but in cities it is much lower. Oxygen is the essential element required for our body to function properly.
Is the body’s Oxygen intake sufficient? No, as the requirement of Oxygen is not sufficient, we need a supplement, then why not a trusted one - BREATHE LIFEGUARD – Pure Oxygen Inhaler ensures your family’s health by providing them safety, security and protection.
BREATHE LIFEGUARD – Pure Oxygen Inhaler is lightweight, reliable, energizer, easy to operate and portable. BREATHE LIFEGUARD – Pure Oxygen Inhaler can be used for 30-40 minutes and is refillable.
Features :
  BREATHE LIFEGUARD – Pure Oxygen Inhaler has all of the advantages.
  Easily and efficiently manufactured and marketed
  Durable and reliable construction
  Economically affordable and available for relevant market segment of the purchasing public.
  During pregnancy
  In emergencies from home to hospital
  For healthy skin and hair
  For heightening concentration and alertness.
  Strengthens immune system, hence less sickness.
  Calms nervous system, lowers risk of heart attack and asthma