Apron : Ships over the head and tries at the waist at users behind, offering a basis protective garment.
Caps / Dust Mask : Pocket type mask used mainly in industry.
Diggings/Leg Guard : Extended shoe cover to knee length.
Arm Sleeves / Guard : Protective sleeve from wrists to elbow.
Bed sheets & Pillow Cover : Economical & disposable alternative to traditional cloth sheets.
2- Piece Serub Suit : Disposable alternative to the traditional “Scrubs” worn by medical (V-neck Shirt, Pajamas) staff.
2- Piece lab suit : Disposable laboratory suit used in Pharma Industry.(Lab coat, Pajamas)
Boiler Suit / Cover all : Total body protection from top to bottom(Option for attached Hood &Shoe cover)
Disposable Shippers : Comfortable alternative to shoe cover entire shipper can be Shoe disposed off after use.
Beard Cover : Protection from falling facial hairs in a hygienic environment.
Briefs / Underwear’s / Penties Unisex : Disposable underwear to protect modesty of patient, Unisex.