When multiple casualty incidents occur, EMS providers often find their resources stretched in terms of equipment as well as personnel, for those incidents where a number of patients require oxygen therapy provided, the O-Two Medical Technologies Multi Patient Units meets the challenges.
With six adjustable therapy flow controls, the Multi Patient units allows upto 6 patients to receive oxygen therapy simultaneously during multi – patient incidents. A seventh patient can be resuscitated at the same time as the six patients are receiving oxygen therapy by the attachment of a Demand valve Resuscitator or CAREVent Automatic Time / Volume Cycled Resuscitator to the 9/16” DISS, check valve outlet at the end of the Multi-Patient Unit. Each individual flow control provides adjustable 0-15 Lpm flow for oxygen therapy.
Manufactured in anodized aluminum and chrome plated brass, the Multi – Patient Unit attaches to any Oxygen regulator with a 50 PSI, 9/16” DISS outlet via the 25 ft hose included with the unit.