The demand valve Resuscitator provides a fast, simple, and effective means to ventilate non-breathing patients and provides 100% oxygen to patients suffering from respiratory distress “On Demand”.
Designed to meet the varying requirements of the Emergency Medical Service / Rescue Personnel, it is the only Demand value Resuscitator that comes standard an Audible pressure Relief system and sensitive Manual Ventilation Button, conveniently located on the front of the resuscitator. The Manual Ventilation Button helps to ensure a patient airway by enabling both hands to remain on the mask to facilitate a superior mask to face seal (without having to deal with cumbersome trigger levers or inconveniently located top buttons).
During spontaneous respirations, the Demand Value resuscitator is designed to provide 100% oxygen, to a breathing patient, with minimal respiratory effort, with flow rates up to 160 LPM, to accommodate their own respiratory distress situation.
Designed to operate on any 50 psi oxygen source, the Demand value Resuscitator comes complete with supply hose with DISS fittings, and Universal Resuscitation.