Burn relief helps reduce trauma to your burn patients while simultaneously providing a fast and effective “One Step” approach to the management of burns. Simply apply the Burn Relief product to the turned area and the self – cooling, non-adhering Burn Relief dressing provides immediate, soothing relief. Burn relief helps to reduce trauma and burn progression for the burn patient while relieving pain.
Burn relief cools by evaporation and convection. The 96% water, gel – saturated, non-woven polyester composition of Burn Relief draws heat away from the injured area. This provides the cooling effect which can last up to 8 hours. (Dependent upon ambient conditions.)
Easily applied, Burn Relief comes in a variety of convenient sizes to meet the requirements of emergency burn management.
As a solid, gelled water product, Burn relief is not wet or messy and does not absorb wound exudates. Burn relief does not leave residue on the skin nor does it contain anti – microbial agents that may require flushing which could delay follow – up Emergency Room treatment.